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created by the DCRL 2017

The "Music Emitting Suitcase" - An Easy to Use Physical Synthesizer by Stefanie Metzner

Stefanie used the Technological Basics Seminar to test her hand crafting and coding skills and created the Music Emitting Suitcase. She herself describes the project as follows:

The Music Emitting Suitcase (“MES”) is a big, but still portable device to easily produce electronic music. Electronic Music and its production seems untouchable and very complicated to many people out there that got never in touch with it.
The MES as an easy-to-handle physical synthesizer makes the production of electronic music touchable even for tech-newbies.

For the project, Stefanie used an old suitcase in which she installed 5x8 microswitches that interact with the Arduino Mega that is hidden under the hood. The switches are triggered by the insertion of glas marbles into the 3D-printed mountings. Each switch triggers a sound that is emitted through a female AUX cable on top of the suitcase.

You can follow the entire creation process on Stefanies website under: