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created by the DCRL 2017

The "Dumpster Drum Maschine" - a cooperation between students and Gijs Giekses and Darsha Hewitt

In an intensive two days workshop, Jonathan Reus and the Major Digital Media students build a Drum Maschine out of e-waste. The basis of the Drum Maschine is the self made step sequencer that was created by Gijs and Darsha that is inhabited in an old computer case.

The students then created the instruments which they then attached to the sequencer in order to create a drum pattern.

In this project the students and scholars used various forms of e-waste and refurbished it into something new and more abstract than it was before. It thus opens up a discussion about the black box concept.

You can see an example of how the Maschine works in the videos of this project.