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created by the DCRL 2017

Disney Techfashion

Fashion meets physics in Franziska Henne's "Disney Techfashion" projects. In the wake of the Technological Basics Seminar Franziska created two separate wearable tech projects. Firstly the "Cindarella Cyborg" in which she build, programmed and sewed a fully functional dress that is riddled with LED lights. The LEDs lighting scheme is controlled by a small circuit board hooked up to an Arduino which is hidden in a small pouch a the back of the dress.  

The second project is the "Media Maleficent", in which she created a neckpiece that resembles the design of Disney's Maleficent. The main attraction of the piece are again the LEDs which are again controlled by a small circuit board at the back of the piece.

Parts of the creation process of the two pieces can be seen in the attached video.