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created by the DCRL 2017

POP X (2016) 

During the second of three Digital Media Production seminars, students Ann-Sophie Wilkening, Henri Nehlsen, Finn Kölln, Jan Brinkmann and Sebastion Ganshow​ went above and beyond the expected when creating their proof of concept for a hypothetical TV show POP X. 

The content of the series is shortly summed up on their project website:  

Innovation is always driven by money. Therefore innovation nowadays often comes from the biggest industry of the information age: porn. But what if it has been this way, since the dawn of the personal computer?
Two roommates, a frustrated student and a broke porn-cinema owner, have a groundbreaking idea that shall change computing forever.


During filming and cutting they worked with up to 14 people on set and the end result speaks for itself. You can read more about the behind the scenes on their project pages. Link Link2